Friendly’s has fantastic waffle fries, so be sure to try them with your burger or dinner platter…or you can have them loaded with melted cheddar, bacon and sour cream for a starter.
Here are some other customer favorites from the menu:

Bacon & Cheese Supermelt

This scrumptious breakfast sandwich is sure to leave you fueled up until a late lunch. It includes 2 eggs with bacon, tomato and melted American cheese on grilled sourdough. It comes with a sided of home fires or grilled breakfast potatoes for $6.99.

Patty Melt

If you are stopping in for lunch or dinner try the Patty Melt. It comes with a tasty hamburger topped with sautéed onions and Swiss cheese on honey-dill rye bread that has been grilled to crunchy perfection. Have it with fries for $8.99.

Clam Strips Platter

If you are in the mood for some seafood for dinner, try the fried clam strips. They come to you fresh, hot and crispy along with fries and slaw for $10.29.

Birthday Cake Friend-z®

Made with vanilla soft serve blended with pieces of cake complete with icing and sprinkles, this sweet treat is perfect for the special occasion! $4.79.

Jim Dandy

Consider this a deluxe banana split. It starts with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream and is topped with chocolate, marshmallow and strawberry toppings. If that wasn’t enough, it also has a split banana, walnuts and sprinkles to finish it off. $6.59.

Friendly’s History

Brother’s Curtis and Prestley Blake founded a restaurant called “Friendly Ice Cream” in 1935 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Great Depression was in full swing and they served double dip cones of ice cream for a nickel. They operated two locations until the start of WWII when they closed the shops, reopening when the war ended.

In 1945 the brothers reopened the restaurants and began an expansion. By 1960 they had their own ice cream plant churning out 25 million gallons annually. By 1974 there were over 500 locations of Friendly’s. The company has changed hands through several private holdings since the brothers sold it in 1979. It has traded on NASDAQ since 1997 and an initial share price of $18.

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