out on a deal that is just right for your lunch or dinner needs.

Here are a few hand-picked favorites from the menu:

Caesar Wings

Nothing goes better with pizza than chicken wings. These tender wings come in your choice of 8 different flavors, although we recommend the Spicy BBQ or the Bacon Honey Mustard if you have not tried them yet. An order of 8 comes in at $6.00.

Italian Cheese Bread

If you are looking for a great snack to share, this is a good choice. It is deep dish crust topped with an Italian blend of seasonings and baked with a blend of cheeses. It is perfect paired with any of the 8 great flavors of Caesar Dips®. Try it with the chipotle dip. $4.29 for a 10 piece order.

DEEP!DEEP!® Dish Detroit-style

The deep dish pizza at Little Caeser’s is thick and square with a crispy outer crust. This classic is topped with loads of peperoni and is a great choice for the pepperoni lover. $7.00.

Ultimate Supreme

If you can’t decide which toppings you like best, this is a great choice since it has the works! A large on original crust is just $9.99.

Little Caesar’s History:

The first Little Caesar’s was opened in Garden City, Michigan by husband and wife team Mike and Marian Illitch in 1959. The first restaurant, located in the suburbs of Detroit, was named “Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat” and is still in operation as of 2015.

In 1979 the television commercials for Little Caesar’s included the catch phrase “Pizza! Pizza!” which was wildly successful in making the brand a household name. Using the franchise model, Little Caesar’s has expanded to over 3,600 locations in the U.S as of 2013.

Headquarters for Little Caesar’s remain in Detroit. In 2014 they announced plans to open a new 8 story facility called the Global Resource Center in downtown Detroit. Owner Mike Illitch also owns the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Tigers as well as other ventures via Illitch Holdings, Inc.


    • Puddin' Tame 4 October, 2016 at 22:35 Reply

      As little as .59 cents or as much as several million dollars.
      Like every other business, at any possible location, that has ever existed throughout time, the amount of money spent there during your visit is dependent upon how much YOU want to spend there.
      If you want a crazy sauce, buy it for .59 cents.
      if you want 10,000 orders of everything on the menu, buy that for several million dollars.
      If you don’t want anything from the menu, get the heck outta there without spending a dime.
      That’s right, YOU decide!
      Welcome to America, the land of the free.

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